Saturday, 16 April 2011

Review: Umago, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Over on Brunswick Street in the trendy Fitzroy area there are many pubs, restaurants and bars to choose from.  One night we came across a little place on the corner which looked cosy and inviting so we went in for some grub!  The waiter who served us was really friendly and very knowledgeable about Umago's menu.  The meal turned out to be exceptional and we were really not expecting it so it was all the more delicious!

Between us we had the lamb parcels and the chicken roulade.  Both were not only exquisite in flavour and presentation but there was a lot of food!  The lamb parcels were filled with parsley, basil and almond pesto, wrapped in prosciutto and topped with a honey and mustard sauce.  The chicken was also filled with pesto, marinated with capsicum and feta and served with a creamy pesto and sun dried tomato sauce.  Both were served with beautiful Turkish bread, fresh, crisp salad and gorgeously cooked potatoes.  The lamb was my favourite as it was cooked perfectly and the flavours really enhanced the meat.

What I really liked about this restaurant though was the easy, relaxed feeling you got there, it was cosy and intimate, and had a great feel to it.  Attached to the restaurant is a take away service offering nearly everything from the full menu in the restaurant which I’m sure makes people living round here very happy with such an extensive take-away menu on offer!  And what's more you can see into the kitchen and watch your food being prepared by the happy, fun chefs working here.  Definitely a Globe Troffer favourite!


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