Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Food Glossary: Parmy/Parmi/Parma...?!

One thing that Aussies love to do is abbreviate words, usually by shortening and adding an 'o', 'y' or an 'a' on the end and that's what's happened to the Italian originated chicken parmigiana (fried chicken in breadcrumbs with tomato and cheese inside) too!  Except this abbreviation is a slight bone of contention on the ending depending on where you come from.  In South Australia we were introduced to it as a 'parmy', but on arrival in Victoria we were it's called a 'parma' and who knows about the other states?!  

Anyway, either way, Australians seem to love a chicken parmy/a which was news to me!  I think the last time I had eaten one before being in Oz was when I was growing up so in a way it was quite comforting eating one again and they are quite tasty!    


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