Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Review: Road trip day one: The Great Ocean Road: Robe boat haven fish shop, Robe, South Australia

Road trip day one: Adelaide - Robe

So we waved goodbye to Kyra, Michael (Kyra’s brother) and Ollie (the beautiful cat!) and set off on a road trip, from Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road.  I was designated driver as BOTH James and Chris had forgotton to check their licenses and both needed renewing!  So…I stood up and took control!!  I was a little nervous, as were the boys, as I had not been behind a wheel in nearly 6 years we worked out!  Hehe!  Lucikly it was the same side of the road or there could have been some issues!

As it turned out I was fine and the drive went smoothly….along empty open roads.  When Kyra told me there was nothing to see I didn’t think she had meant actually NOTHING!  It was quite a contrast to driving for the same length of time in the UK!  We got all the open road driving out of the way on day one and stayed overnight in the small town of Robe.  We stayed at the YHA hostel which was in a stunning building, however, a pricy sleep…but we were not yet used to Australian travelling prices!

We wondered down to the Robe boat haven fish shop at the wharf for a cheap and (hopefully) tasty dinner.  We had been sceptical as after a couple of attempts at finding good fish and chips since being in Australia we had been very disappointed!  Coming from England, we obviously have a taste for good local fish and chips and to have French fries served with ‘chicken salt’?!!! on them was a big surprise!  However, we decided to give them another go as this chip shop came recommended.

Hmmmmm, so lets just say that the result was better than those we had already had, however, not up to the standards back home still!  The fish here was very tasty, although a fairly small piece, but the chips….well let’s just say I didn’t eat very many!  What happened to traditional home cooked chips?!


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