Sunday, 10 April 2011

Review: Road trip day two: The Great Ocean Road: Andy’s Pizza, Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia

Day two of our road trip: Robe – Apollo Bay

We got an early start and left Robe and South Australia and entered the state of Victoria.  We found out when crossing the border that it is illegal to carry any fresh fruit or vegetables into Victoria from other Australian watch out!!  After a bakery lunch of delicious fresh cheesy, bacon and onion bread we had made it to the start of the Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road was constructed in 1919 and finished in 1932 by returned soldiers as it is dedicated to the casualites of World War 1.  It is infact the world's largest war memorial.  As you drive along the road furthest from Melbourne (Warrnambool) this is where all the ‘big hits’ are: the Twelve Apostles, London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge and the Grotto.What we hadn’t expected was that you could not see any of this from the road, but that you actually turn off the Great Ocean Road and pull in at different stops and then walk down to the viewing platforms.  The views were spectacular, there is no denying it, but towards the end of the day we were a little tired of stopping and starting and felt a little like we were on a conveyabelt!

We decided to call it a day when we reached Apollo Bay and save the rest of the drive for the next day. So we had a wonder into town to see what food was about.  There was plenty to choose from but being aware of finances, we went for a cheap option and had good old pizza.  We chose ‘Andy’s Pizza’ restaurant and enjoyed some really tasty pizza.  At the front of the restaurant the chefs prepare the pizzas in front of your eyes and cook in the large pizza ovens.  The menu here was also quite interesting with some unique toppings. One we went for had lime pickle yoghurt dressing and Moroccan chicken and was really one of the nicest pizza toppings we have ever tried.  So forget all the fancy eats here, if you are on a budget but still after some tasty food then head to Andy’s Pizza!


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