Friday, 22 April 2011

Review: ‘The last breakfast’ @ The Journal, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

It was time to finally say goodbye to Kyra and her mum, and Gemima, all who had kindly put us up during our stay in Australia.  We did some research online and came across ‘The Journal’ which was in the centre of town and sounded like a good stop for a Sunday breakfast out.

When we arrived it was smaller than we had expected but luckily we were able to get a table as it was not too busy.  The menu was small and simple and we decided and placed our orders.  Gemima and I had gone for their ‘speciality’ which was a toasted sandwich with poached eggs on top.  However, by ordering this the problems began!  First they told us they were out of eggs?!!  It was 10am on Sunday morning and they had not been open long – plus eggs was in a few items on the menu?!  Then when they said it would not be long until more eggs arrived we said we would wait but go ahead with the simple fruits, yoghurt, and toast the others had ordered.  So we waited….and waited…

Finally some bits started arriving.  First the toast, then some fruit – but only one bowl of the ordered two.Then after quite some while more the egg toastie’s arrived…but still no final fruits.  It became evident we should check on their order and there was quite some confusion including them not realising anything else was expected!

To summarise, the staff here were not helpful or overly friendly.  I have never been to a restaurant where there is not a copy of the prices to accompany a menu or at least the staff know how much things are and infact, just know what is actually on the menu!  And to not have eggs on a Sunday morning so early really is a crime and not going to earn you good business!  It was a shame that all this ruined our breakfast as the toasties were quite tasty but unfortunately the staff and whole fuss overshadowed the food.


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