Friday, 22 April 2011

Review: Cafeteria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Outside of the CBD area of Melbourne we spent some time with a friend who lives in Brighton suburb.  One afternoon we went for lunch with him and his family at a local café, aptly named ‘Cafeteria’!  Ben’s brother spends a lot of time at the café studying and eating…so much so that they all know him and he knows the menu pretty well!  That was good for us as there was so much that sounded tasty, he helped me decide that that pesto toast was the best option to go for!  I was really pleased with the choice as when it arrived it both looked and tasted beautiful.  Served with fresh tomatoes, thick crust toast and gorgeous pesto soaked in, and with a rocket salad on the side with vinagerette this was a perfect lunch and the price was right at just under $10.

This café was bustling when we were there and seems like quite a locals place.  You can understand why people keep going back, the service was friendly and smooth, the food delicious and the surroundings simple and atmospheric.  A great café to come and read a book, do some studying or meet friends for a drink or food.  Everyone in our group was pleased!


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