Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Review: Gigi, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

As previously mentioned Swanston Street has a cluster of Asian restaurants which are all pretty inviting.These proved perfect options for us at the end of a long, hot day at the Australian Open watching the tennis!  As you can imagine the food on offer at the tennis is pretty limited and very expensive.  So at the end of a couple of days enjoyable watching we made our way up Swanston Street.

Gigi in particular became a favourite for us and slightly addictive!  The staff here really are so smiley, happy and friendly that it is quite infectious!  On top of this there is so much to choose from and plenty that feels healthy and very good value.  I had some truly delicious salmon in here – it was served in a noodle soup and was cooked to perfection and very rich in flavour.  The drinks here as well….wow.  I have already mentioned my new found love for the avocado smoothie – but I think this is hands down the best one I have had.  James and his new found addiction for iced coffee was also very satisfied with the ice cream that accompanied his smooth iced coffee!  This restaurant is a great find!


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