Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A day out at Blackpoint, South Australia

Having spent a week exploring the southern peninsula of South Australia, Kyra took us for a trip in the other direction, out to Blackpoint on the Yorke Peninsula, to see her uncle and aunt for the day.  We spent the day on a small beach overlooking the bay and had a great time.  We did a bit of snorkelling, although its not really somewhere where there is much to see, it was still fun spotting the blue crabs and just being in the deliciously warm water.

We also enjoyed going out on Kyra’s uncle Mark’s boat where Kyra and James had a go on the ‘hooker’ – the diving mask where the tank stays in the boat and you can swim out from it.  Whilst out in the water Mark caught some scallops and brought them back for later.

After a drive around the coast we sat back and enjoyed a drink whilst the BBQ started up.  I was getting excited!  More family had come and brought the fresh fish they had caught earlier.  So along with fresh scallops which we tried raw and cooked, we were spoilt with the delicious fish, homemade burgers and salad.  It was the perfect end to the day and really summed up the Australian warmth for welcoming people into their homes as well as the relaxed lifestyle and love of beautiful fresh food, the sun, sea and sand.  This was definitely some of the tastiest food I’d enjoyed on the trip and in a stunning setting with great company.


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