Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Review: The Toff in Town @ The Curtain House, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


The Curtain House is a 6 storey building which is home to bars, restaurants, offices and a rooftop cinema. We wondered over to check out the cinema but unfortunately it was sold out for a few nights – clearly a popular spot in Melbourne!  So instead we went to the bar one floor below: The Toff in Town.

This bar is swanky with carriage like booths with doors that you can close for's like being aboard the Orient Express!  In addition there is a balcony which boasts a fantastic view of nearby buildings and towers.  The drinks here are pretty pricy, and hosts an after work crowd, not really travellers (which you can probably guess from the name)!  However, it’s a great bar if you can afford for a drink.

On the first floor is also a restaurant named Cookie which gets a lot of mention when speaking to people and reading reviews.  I didn’t have the fortune of going but I have heard good things.  If you check it out let me know your thoughts!


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