Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Food art!!

I love the postcard series that depicts vegetables as different animals or people and so I decided to start a post which is dedicated to cool food art that I discover!  Please point me in the direction of any cool food art you have seen and I will add it to this dedication to food art!!

Eggplant shark! Big buffet, Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Aubergine penguin! Big buffet, Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Shark again but you can see it's tongue!

Technically not food art but funny! James posing!

I found this picture here - check it out for more fun food art piccies!

Wow these amazing 'foodscapes' have been created by Carl Warner...a London based photographer. For more click here

Making fun at Raleigh...not quite Carl Warner though!

Bread 'ladies', Otavelo Market, Ecuador

More to this space!


Anonymous said...

Amazing,too lovely to eat laraine.

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