Saturday, 2 April 2011

Review: The Stag, Adelaide, South Australia

During our time in Adelaide we went out for dinner in the mood for a steak!  Australian steaks have a good reputation and the ones we had that evening certainly lived up to that.

We went to The Stag's 'swill 'n' grill' which is a pub with an attached dining area.  The pub feels a bit like a chain type pub in the UK, but the restaurant has a very different feel.  I loved the funky wallpaper and the soothing ‘Finding Nemo-esqe’ video on!  The restaurant has a nice relaxed feel to it with friendly staff.

We were recommended the Certified Australian Angus Beef – Scotch cut which I don’t think I’ve had before and it was scrummy. (as a note the choice of steak types and cuts was overwhelming, so much so that the menu includes a graphic of a cow and where all the different cuts from!...this is a topic for further research later I feel!).  The meat was cooked perfectly, juicy and served with fresh vegetable and home cooked chips.  Topped off with a glass of delicious red shiraz this was a great meal.  Judging from the faces and opinions of others there I don’t think you could make a bad steak choice here.


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