Monday, 4 April 2011

Review: The Port Elliot Bakery, Port Elliot, South Australia

The bakery is like an Australian institution!  Along with scooners, parmy’s/parma’s (depending on where you live), iced coffee, affordable tasty sushi, quality seafood and delicious steaks the bakery is up there!

There is something quite reassuring knowing that you will find a local bakery in most towns and in various locations in cities in Australia.  It means you don’t have to worry that the only option might be a fast food place or a local shop.  During my time in South Australia I sampled the delights from a few bakeries and was not disappointed.  The pie in particular is what the Australian’s are proud of and they do make a good pie!

The first day we drove past the Port Elliot bakery we were devastated to see that it was closed due to a public holiday!  This bakery had been talked up as apparently it is famous in South Australia for being their best!  So I was happy when after an early morning start to catch some surf (well attempt anyway!) we drove past and it was open!  The queue was out of the door and finding parking was a challenge! There were lots of people who had come from the beach to grab a pie.

Having worked up an appetite, and also not being able to choose between a trusty pie and the very appealing looking sausage rolls I ended up getting both and sharing the sausage roll with Kyra!  It was a little messy as the pastry was pretty flaky but otherwise you could not fault it!  Hmmmm, the pie was also perfect, very comforting and homely to have after being in the sea.


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mmmmm yum... Kyra x

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