Monday, 18 April 2011

Food Glossary: Fairy Bread?!

One Saturday evening in Melbourne we were invited along to a party near Chapel Street which was being held by a friend’s friend who is a dj.  She had invited some dj friends round and had the decks set up in the garden.  It was the perfect day for it and the music was great to sit back and have a beer to!

There were a few nibbles lying around on offer and I couldn’t help but notice white bread with what looked like hundreds and thousands on it.  Hmmmm, this definitely seemed very strange but I was lured into trying them because they seemed so strange!  They actually tasted quite (surprisingly) nice and seemed to work!  I am not sure if it was butter or more of an icing or cream cheese used to spread on the bread and make the hundreds and thousands stick but I found myself eating a few slices before commenting to someone nearby that the creator must have been feeling creative!  The reaction I received was one of surprise and confusion that I wasn’t aware that this ‘fairy bread’ was a staple party food in Australia!  So there you have it…next time you have a party and are not really sure what little snacks to have around why not try making some fairy bread?!


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