Thursday, 31 March 2011

Review: The Tap Inn, Adelaide, South Australia

Accompanying James and I for 2 weeks of our time in Australia was Chris, James’ cousin.  Before meeting up with us he had been diving at the Great Barrier Reef and exploring Sydney.  When he arrived in Adelaide to meet us he explained that he’d been recommended an Adelaide pub by an Australian guy living in Sydney as ‘the best pub in Australia’!  You can probably guess by it’s name that it has a golf theme?!  Well the novelty about this pub is that it has an indoor driving range and various golf related memerobillia around.  So if you are an avid golfer or fan then do visit The Tap Inn!

We went along for an afternoon and had a drink and some nibbles and a few hits at golf.  It is quite a large venue with different areas to sit in.  A popular feature are the two sets of toilets (?!!), one which is situated at the end of the driving range and where you can see the action from the toilet!  The other, more impressive, are glass doored toilets which are see-through until you lock the door and the glass clouds up!

Food wise it was ok but nothing to rave about.  It looked impressive, but didn’t taste as good as it looked.  However, we were able to sample crocodile here which was quite exciting for us – and we really enjoyed that dish.  Overall, good fun for a novelty visit but unless you are a keen golfer you probably wouldn’t visit on a regular basis!  I would go for just drinks also rather than food.


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