Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Review: Sabor Tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the home of Tango dance.  Throughout our travels we have tried to learn a bit of latino dance including salsa and merengue so we thought we’d give tango a go!  Although it is a very touristy thing to do in Buenos Aires I think its worth going to see a Tango show as there really are some amazing dancer’s and its something I have never seen much of.

We went with one of the larger shows, at Sabor Tango, were you get a dance class, a meal and the show.  The dance class was brilliant fun and surprisingly easy to pick up some basic steps.  The theatre itself was very grand and a change to our usual venues!  The meal is three courses where you chose options from a set menu and unlimited drinks of your choice!  I’m sure there are shows you can go to where the food is better, but for the cost all in and size of the place this was not a bad meal.

Initially two of us ordered the Zuchine consumme for starter which we were really disappointed with so we did say something to our waitress and she immediately swapped it for something different.  So despite being a little disappointed at least the service was good and we were able to change it.  We then shared three between us, empanadas (which we had tried to avoid simply due to eating so many of them) which were really good, and two salads, also tasty.  For main we all enjoyed a steak, not the best we’ve had but certainly not the worst.  Finally we tried the Scottish Bonbon which is ice cream, dipped in chocolate and filled with dulce de leche!

All in all we had great fun for the evening at the show.


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