Friday, 4 March 2011

Review: El Tiluchi, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

On our return from our Pampas tour we were all relieved to take a long cool shower and not to have to worry so much about the mosquitos!  Our guide had been really friendly and I had asked him for some recommendations of local food to try/places to eat.  He suggested El Tiluchi due to its popularity with locals and its traditional dishes.

We went there for our evening meal and were really pleased.  The owner seemed really happy that we were there and was happy to explain the different dishes as well as make recommendations.  I wanted to try the rice dish our guide had explained and so they brought me that despite it not being on the menu.  I'm so glad I tried it as it was really tasty.  It was sort of like a risotto with an egg on top and served with plantain!  Delicious flavours...I need to do some research to see if I can find the name of the dish!

The restaurant is small and was busy.  We sat out on the street and watched the world go by.  As we did there was a large procession going through the town for a festival so we got front row seats to the drumming and different lanterns etc coming past!

The food we ate here really was delicious and so affordable.  This is the only typical Bolivian food I ate on the time we spent in the country and it was definitely the best food I had.


Anonymous said...

Interesting dish Laraine

Anonymous said...

tiluchi excellent place, very good service and good food

Anonymous said...

this meal is called "majadito" is one of the best dishes of the area

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