Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Review: Woodstock Winery, McLaren Vale, South Australia

In addition to all the cafes in McLaren Vale town there are a multitude of winery’s to eat at too.  These tend to be slightly pricier but are stunning locations for a meal, easy to relax at, you get to sample wines, and eat tasty food!

Kyra and I met up with Caroline and her daughter Mia for lunch at the Woodstock Winery one sunny afternoon for a catch up and nibbles.  We had a great lunch outside in the garden of the winery.  The staff are really attentive here and there is a great menu selection to choose from.  We went for a couple of platters to share which were delicious.  The platters contained a selection of local meats, brie, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, marinated mushrooms, pate, fruits, the list goes on...!  Our only complaint would be that we could have done with more bread for some of the dips and oil.

The restaurant really suits parents with children as there is space for them to explore safely and within eyesight.  Ever since I have known Caroline we have both shared a passion for food!  When living in Colorado we used to go and try different restaurants together often, and in Thailand on holiday a few years ago we also enjoyed some tasty food together so I was excited to hear that she has also begun her own food blog recently which already has some tasty reviews up – so do visit 'The Eatery by CK'.


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