Thursday, 10 March 2011

Review: Onda Libre Parilla, Mendoza, Argentina

After spending a day in the Atacama dessert we took two long bus journeys to get us to Mendoza, Argentina.  Mendoza is famous for its wine, and of course Argentina is famous for its steak.  So for our first meal we were on the lookout for some good meat!

We certainly found that at the Onda Libre Parilla, recommended by Empedrada hostel where we were staying.  Like the Parilla’s in Columbia they have on display a huge amount of meat being cooked on a large grill.  The staff here were very friendly and we had some fun joking around with the chef.

The value here was excellent, the buffet was all you could eat and it was very extensive.  I also liked that they had a policy where anything you left you paid for (as in so many all you can eat restaurants there is a lot of waste from eyes being bigger than stomachs!).

The meat was amazing!  I tried the mouth-watering beef and pork, the others also enjoyed different sausages and veal.  In addition to the meat they had a really tasty chimichurri you could add to accompany the meant.  I tried to resist taking too much from the rest of the buffet as I didn’t want fill up on it, but there was a good salad bar, and some tasty ravioli and fruits for dessert!  This restaurant was a great welcome and beginning to our Argentinian adventures.


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to have eaten there the food looked amazing laraine

Catherine Feltham said...

Ah yes it really was good...maybe South America could be your next trip!!

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