Monday, 14 March 2011

Review: Los Imortales, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Whilst in Buenos Aires one of our friends happened to be visiting for a few days at the same time!  She had just finished a Habitat for Humanity house build in Paraguay and decided to finish the trip with a few days holiday in Buenos Aires.  When she arrived she explained that despite loving steak she had eaten so much in Paraguay that she really just wanted a pizza or some pasta!

So we looked up Italian restaurants and found Los Imortales in the centre of town.  The place was certainly busy with locals.  Along with steak, ravioli is a very popular eat in Buenos Aires, especially with pumpkin filling, but as I had already sampled some I went for a different type of pizza, a fugazzetta with tuna and onions.  It was yummy!  It’s like a calzone but cooked with onions and garlic on top as well.  The dough was perfect and it was nice to have something different to ham and cheese (another very Argentinian combination to eat in/on anything!).

This is a nice little Italian to visit if you fancy something different to steak for a night in Buenos Aires.


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