Friday, 18 March 2011

Review: La Cabrera, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Cabrera has an enviable reputation in Buenos Aires and has even built a second over-flow restaurant due to its popularity so on our last evening in the city we decided to see what all the fuss was about.
You either need to make a booking or arrive for 10pm onwards where they have a waiting list.  When we arrived just before 10 on a Sunday evening the waiting list was already pretty large but as we’d made the effort to go we decided to stay and wait.  Plus with this many people waiting it must be good food!
Whilst you wait you are poured a glass of champagne which is quite nice!  The staff on the door were given a bit of a hard time by impatient people waiting but they were very nice and handled it well.  I think sometimes there was confusion around who had been waiting longer for a table but overall it was managed well.

We waited about an hour to be seated so by this time we were really hungry.  We ordered a starter to share which was really tasty but we were sadly disappointed with our main meals.  The steak comes on a large dish with a great number of accompaniments which is definitely good and there are some really interesting bits to try.  I actually sent my steak back as it was just completely flavourless and watery.  The chef offered to cook me another, the best cut of steak in his opinion with the most flavour which was good, and when it came it was much nicer, however, I still would not rave about the steak we had here.

When you have heard so much about a place being good its more of a disappointment however, we have friends who also visited during their stay who loved the steak so we could have just had a bad evening.


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