Sunday, 6 March 2011

Review: Taking to the streets, La Paz, Bolivia

Back in La Paz we decided to sample a few of the foods available on the streets.  Street food did not seem to be in abundance like some other destinations we have visited however, its still around.  What is very very good is the number of juice vendors around squeezing orange and pinapples.  We had a couple of these juices whilst wondering around.

We also tried some chocolate…it turned out to be 100% chocolate and let's just say it wasn't that easy to eat or tasty!  I took a huge bite only to discover that it was like having a huge spoonful of cocoa powder in my mouth that was impossible to swallow!  It was so strong and flowery in texture and made me incredibly thirsty!  I also had some pork and chuno, the pork was pretty tasty although some of it was a bit dry and overcooked.


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