Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Food Glossary: Pastel de Choclo

Pastel de Choclo is a popular dish with Chileans, and it translates to corn/maize stew.  It is quite difficult to describe so bare with me!  It is most similar to a shepherds pie but made from corn instead of potatoes, and with some additions!  There was a decent sized piece of chicken at the bottom, surrounded with a minced beef and onion mix, you could also find an olive and half a hard boiled egg (very common in South American foods).  The dish was quite tasty but I found it very sweet (again quite a feature of South American foods!)  I would definitely recommend trying this dish if you can.

I sampled this traditional dish at Bar Nacional which was popular with locals eating this dish!


Vixter said...

Any ideas about a vegetarian version of this?

Catherine Feltham said...

you could try substituting the chicken with other vegetables such as aubergine or maybe even use halloumi cheese or tofu?

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