Thursday, 10 March 2011

Food Glossary: Maté

Maté is a traditional drink served in many South American countries and varies from country to country.For example in Paraguay and Brazil it is served cold with ice, whereas in Argentina where we sampled it it is served hot.  It is an infused drink prepared from dried leaves from the yerba maté plant which is a species of holly and native to tropical South America.  You can read much more about the yerba maté here.

Many Argentinians will carry their own flask of maté with them to ensure they have enough - it is to them what tea is to the english!  The drink is not taken in the same way as a cup of breakfast tea or coffee though.  It requires a special cup - a calabash gourd, and is drunk through a metal straw to ensure you do not drink all the leaves themselves!


Anonymous said...

Looks very interesting laraine

Angie said...

Just to complement...
In the south of Brazil, it is called "chimarrão" and it is served very hot.
The cold one is called "tereré".

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