Saturday, 5 March 2011

Review: Café de la jungla, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

It was our last morning in Rurrenabaque before heading back to La Paz and we had one last look for somewhere decent for breakfast.  I have not written up a couple of places we ate at in Rurrenabaque as I don’t think they are worth mentioning, but just a warning, it is a town full of restaurants aimed at tourists/backpackers and a lot are really not good!

So, open your ears and eyes to this café as it was really good!  It is a ‘western’ style café with a classic menu including the usual pancakes, eggs, museli and yoghurt etc!  The yoghurt, museli and honey was delicious – I often think that ‘western’ style cafes in latin America are much nicer than the cafes back home – certainly easier to find (not hidden amongst the hundreds of chain coffee shops we have) and obviously much cheaper!  Euan tried their quiche which was more of a aubergine lasagne type dish but it was absolutely delicious.


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