Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Review: Dada, Buenos Aires, Argentina

After having an amazing first lunch we were completely spoilt by an amazing dinner too.  The culture in Buenos Aires is to eat late and so I think we arrived at Dada around midnight!  The place was packed with a great atmosphere.  We sat up at the bar which was fun as we could chat with other people there, the bar staff and see the whole restaurant.

We ordered our steaks and sat happily chatting and drinking a great wine.  We were brought some beautiful bread and a great dip whilst we were waiting.  When the food came it looked good and tasted even better.  These steaks were the best we had in Buenos Aires and up there with the delicious steaks we had eaten in Columbia.  We even had a dessert or two to share amongst us and they were also delicious.

What’s great about this place is the friendliness and intimacy of the venue, it feels really personal.  After this superb first experience we went back another afternoon for drinks and a few nibbles.  This one certainly gets the globetroffer stamp of approval!


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