Monday, 28 February 2011

Review: 'Indigena' Pampas tour, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

A popular stop on the backpacker trail in Bolivia is the town of Rurrenabaque in the north of Bolivia.  The journey there from La Paz itself is amazing.  Most chose to fly on either Amazonas or TAM budget airlines and as the planes are so small you get some fantastic (and slightly frightening at times) sights from the plane!  On arrival into Rurrenabaque the heat instantly hits you and by the time we arrived at a hostel we were ready for our first shower!  We stayed a day in the town before heading off on our pampas tour.

‘Pampas’ means wetlands in Spanish and so as you may have guessed, the tour is along the river.  Our tour with Indigena was 3 days, 2 nights and you stay at an ‘eco-lodge’ each night.  The conditions are very basic and many don’t bother to shower whilst there as you would find yourself sweaty again very quickly, but mainly because of the threat of the giant mosquitos!  

All food is included on the tour including eating some of the fish you catch on your fishing morning which is tasty!

The food, like the accommodation is basic, but there is plenty to go round and its tasty.  The first day’s lunch was the best – it was in a restaurant on route to the boat point.  After a long, cramped journey in a van everyone was relieved to get out for lunch!  After that we enjoyed meat, pastas, soups and donuts for meals across the day.  Of course, the food is not really the purpose or highlight of the trip so if you go remember that and enjoy your time exploring the life on the river.


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