Friday, 14 January 2011

Review: La Puerta Falsa, Bogota, Columbia

This 370 year old building houses Bogota’s oldest operating eatery (1816) and is definitely a recommended visit if you would like to try local cuisine and eat amongst locals.  We had tamales there which are obviously very popular as they make a huge counter full in the morning and all are gone by the end of the day.  They also serve a few other local delicacies salchichas (sausages), chocolate santafereño which is hot chocolate with cheese and local bread and a variety of sweets and deserts.

The tamales are pretty filling, I didn’t even quite finish mine.  It was really tasty but there was a little too much of the mush-type filling for my liking!

The small two-story house is charming and picturesque and the décor is cool too as there are mirrors from floor to ceiling on the wall opposite the counter so you can sit upstairs on the balcony and watch all the action below!


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