Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Review: The Darien Gapster boat trip: Portabello, Panama – Sappzuro, Columbia via the San Blas Islands

An affordable and fun way of travelling from Panama to Columbia, we decided to step aboard the ‘Darien Gapster’ boat.  It took 3 days to get there, 2 nights of which we stayed on 2 different islands in the San Blas group.  One island was inhabited and we were able to interact with the local people which was interesting and great fun.  The other was a deserted island which was just stunning.

Most meals were included but we also met local fishermen on the islands who were selling fresh fish and coconuts incredibly cheaply.  The food provided was basic but there was plenty of it (except perhaps the night where we had lobster, we could have done with more for the group size!).

The guys running the trip are friendly and really helpful when you arrive in Columbia, helping you to arrange onward travel should you wish.  You arrive into Sapzurro in Columbia, a small fishing town.  We stayed for one night at Paraiso hostel where we had a nice filling dinner, however it was a little bland.

The next day we moved round the bay to Carpagena which is a great little town with a really nice feel.  This was our first experience of Columbian street food – we did not realise how much good street food was yet to come!  We sampled Arepa con queso here as well as having other small snacks.


Thijs van de Wiel said...

We pay 350 dollars for this trip. I can say, it wasnt worth it. We did it from Colombia. Its difficult to go La Miel, Panama where the tour, Darien Gapster starts. The information about this part, do it by yourself is not clear. Also we had a Delayed, and they didnt communicate that, what results that we where waiting in Capurgana on the dock.

The food is bad, there is no guide only aI captain and he dropped you on a island. Yes, San Blas is beautiful! But this tour is not really good organised. You have no toilets, constantly the same food, rice. A There where 4 couples on the trip, and they get all different information about this trip. Really strange and disorganised.

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