Friday, 7 January 2011

Review: Getsemani Café-Bar (GCB), Cartagena, Columbia

After a day travelling from the border town of Carpagena by boat, bus and minivan we made it to Cartagena.  The city is incredible as soon as you enter.  You can certainly understand why the Lonely Planet labels it South America’s most beautiful and romantic city.

We stayed in the Getsemani area which is comprised of many small cobbled lanes with colourful buildings, street vendors, laughter and music filling the streets.  We arrived late at night so went straight to bed, but in the morning we woke up hungry to explore and also to eat given we had not had much the day before!

We walked over to the Getsemani Café-Bar as it has a great reputation for tasty typical breakfasts and lunches.  The café has a great feel, it is light and airy with an open kitchen.

I ordered a typical breakfast which was like a huge meal!  First I was given a small fresh fruit salad, afterwards a beautiful sancocho soup which had a poached egg, fish, potatoes and a few vegetables in a creamy broth.  There was then a plate with arepa, homemade chips (papas fritas) and 3 pieces of beef!  This meal was a good introduction to what was to come, tasty food, plenty of it and at good prices!


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