Saturday, 22 January 2011

Review: Kallari Chocolate Lounge and Cafe, Quito, Ecuador

A cooperative that has grown from 50 families to 900 in 14 years, Kallari produces handicrafts and markets organic cacao in more than 12 countries across four continents.  One of their prime aims is to share the knowledge of and preserve the techniques of the Kichwa culture.

The chocolate lounge and café in Quito is a small café and handicraft shop/gallery which claims to feature the best fair trade organic coffee in Ecuador and entices chocoholics to sample their delicious products including the incredible brownies.

The lunch specials menu allows you to select a dish from three different sections of the menu, so you could order yuka cakes with hot sauce, a vegetarian guacamole sandwich and a fresh juice, or a salad, with a tuna and tomato sandwich and an organic hot chocolate.  Sound good?  Well it is very tasty and is amazing value for a very decent sized lunch at just $3.50!

When we visited we were a bit naughty and chose to indulge in some of those delicious chocolate wonders too as well as some banana bread!

I particularly enjoyed the guacamole and the brownie here.  The menu is simple but I’m sure there is something to suit all.


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Looks a lot better,more interesting and apealing

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