Monday, 10 January 2011

Review: La Galera, Cartagena, Columbia

One evening we decided to go for a fancy meal in town.  We did a bit of research on the internet but ended up just walking in somewhere that looked and sounded nice.  La Galera has a bit of a pirate/sea theme to the décor and the menu looks like an old scroll found in a bottle!  We ordered our dishes and were thinking, ok its expensive but seems fairly reasonable for a nice place…then the plates arrived!  The food was beautifully presented and tasted exquisite, there just wasn’t really enough to fill us.  The waiter was eager to see what we might like to try next but unfortunately our backpacker budget would not stretch to another dish despite how delicious the food was.  So we finished our wine, and left, eating our second courses back on the streets and in Reina Pizza!

This restaurant is definitely worth a visit, and if you are not on a tight budget then it would be a great dinner out.  The seafood was perfectly cooked, the meat beautifully marinated, the vegetables crunchy and full of flavour.  All in all still a great treat out for us, and it served as a starter to the street food we ate later!


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