Thursday, 30 June 2011

Review: A Chilli Crab dinner on Boat Quay, Singapore

If there is one food Singapore is famous for it is Chilli Crab and so it is an essential on a foodie’s must try list when visiting the city.  If you head over to Boat Quay you will have plenty of choice of restaurants all serving fresh chilli crab.  We wondered along, did a bit of bartering and took our pick of a nice looking crab!  I had not eaten lots of crab before so I am no expert but I really enjoyed the chilli crab.  You will be asked if you want bread to accompany it as there is a lot of sauce with small bits of crab meat inside.You really need bread to mop this up with or perhaps rice to accompany it as it does become too samey and sweet after a while just eating it alone.

It’s a little messy, as to be expected when eating crab but its worth it.  The crab meat I ate was beautiful and the chilli sauce had a good strong flavour and made the meat really tender like it had been slightly stewed.  Wash it down with a cool beer and watch the boats go by and the lights around the bay and you are in for a nice relaxing evening.


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