Saturday, 25 June 2011

Review: VOC Galangan, Jakarta, Java, Indonesia

If you read my last post on Café Batavia in Jakarta’s old town – Kota, then you will have an idea about the area of which VOC Galangan is situated in.  It is clear that the building is in a previously powerful location from the Dutch colonial days.  The restored warehouse is on the edge of the canal system and very close to the port.

The building itself dates back to 1628 and as a result provides an atmospheric location for a drink or meal.  At the time of my visit (Feb 2011) the inside restaurant was being renovated so we sat outside in the café on the terrace which is a fantastic setting.  Looking out from the veranda café you see an old vintage car, and a horse carriage and like in Café Batavia you feel that you have stepped back in time. 

However the whole place had a rather run down/shut down feel and as a result a rather strange atmosphere pervaded almost making you feel like you are intruding!  The café was not busy at all and it made me wonder if it still receives that many visitors.  However, we enjoyed our lunch none-the-less and the oxtail soup (a Jakarta speciality) was delicious and a great value meal.   I hope the business picks up here as the location is beautiful, the staff friendly and the food tasty.


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