Sunday, 26 June 2011

Review: Santong Kuo Tieh Sue Kiaw 68, Jakarta, Java, Indonesia

Noisy, dirty, hectic, colourful, market stalls, bikes, temples…I’m describing China Town in Jakarta - a mosaic of smells and people and a great place to spend an afternoon soaking up the atmosphere and saying hello to the friendly locals in the area.

We were in search of dumplings and found a great restaurant with friendly staff, chefs cooking outside, and most importantly a constant flow of cool Bintang beer and delicious dumplings!  In fact…I believe the best dumplings I’ve ever discovered!  Since our visit here we have tried to seek out dumplings that are as tasty and have yet to find them.

In this small restaurant you cannot complain – a simple menu with about 10 varieties of dumpling at incredibly cheap prices.  You can sit amongst the locals – many of whom seemed to be return visitors which is testament to the fantastic service and quality of food on offer.  We ate and drank away a few hours here and definitely stretched our tummies as we couldn't get enough of the food!  You MUST seek this place out in Chinatown, Jakarta!  You won’t regret it!


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