Monday, 27 June 2011

Review: Poste Kitchen + Bar, Jakarta, Java, Indonesia

Jakarta is hard to get your head around; it is SO large and sprawling and clogged with traffic that it takes a long time getting around the city…and that’s if you know where you want to go!  Many travellers only spend one or two days in the city and usually because they are using it as a base to get the next (chilled out, tranquil) place, don’t view it as interesting enough to stay in and are overwhelmed by the metropolis.In terms of tourist attractions there are not so many obvious ‘big hits’ as other major cities, however, I would argue that simply spending time in the city and exploring different areas is incredibly interesting and it lures you into the history of the city and whole Archipelago of islands that make up Indonesia.

After spending a week in the city hanging out with expats living and working there by night and exploring different areas by day, we were able to gain an insight into life in the lively city and how varying it is.  The modern metropolis is based around business, shopping malls and funky venues to eat, drink, dance and hear live music in.  I have recently learnt that the nickname for Jakarta amongst expats it the ‘Big Durian,’ after the smelling, shocking looking fruit, popular with some, hated by others, expensive to buy…it does seem an appropriate nickname.

My experience of the city is one that will remain in my mind and I think of Jakarta as a complex city of contrasts.  Vivid pictures of the old against the new, the poor against the rich and the old fashioned colonial against modern all meld together and provide a stimulating environment to contemplate your views on life and how you want to live yourself.

Jakarta for foodies I would argue is up there with other major cities as an exciting gastronomic adventure with a huge variety in types of cuisine available and setting in which to sample it and so the restaurants and food stalls were amongst the major tourist attractions for me!

The Poste Kitchen + Bar is an example of fantastic quality food, with inspiration from flavours and styles across the globe in a funky, relaxed setting with great live music acts.  The restaurant/bar is named after the French word for post office and describes itself as the ‘drawing inspiration from around the world…same as mail and packages passing through post offices, flavours from around the globe.’  The staff here were friendly and the food a delightful mix of food to enjoy casually with friends over a drink, or more fine dining options.  The place is busy and if in a large group you can be waiting a little while for your meals but the intoxicating environment make this easier to bear!  I absolutely recommend checking out this place.


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