Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Review: Milas, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Milas is an essential stop for the veggies out there craving some creative and exciting dishes on your travels!  I would also say it’s a great place for non-veggie’s too as there are some really tasty meals, including a popular tempe steak which some believe to taste very similar to meat or better!

The restaurant is set in a gorgeous garden setting with atmospheric seating and is just one part of a larger organisation based on ‘the dream of a better world’ whose work is focused on education, health and environmental issues.  So it’s an interesting place to visit just for a drink or even if you’re not hungry as they have an arts shop (stocked with handmade crafts made by young adults who are involved with Milas programs), a small food store, papers and magazines to read, games to play, a multi-lingual library, a children’s play group and different workshops and information about activities and groups in the local community.

I always think it’s amazing if you can enjoy a taste-tastic meal AND be supporting a worthwhile cause so this is another reason I would recommend eating at Milas.  I am very aligned with the ethos and purpose of Milas – to raise awareness and offer healthy alternatives at a local level in a world full of fast food and mass production.  Milas uses locally produced and organically grown ingredients wherever possible and also does not use any MSG or artificial flavours in its cooking.

All profits from the restaurant and shop are funnelled into programs in the area from health care and informal counselling to practical skills training in sewing, papermaking and woodworking.  Their inspirational work with street children links education, the environment and improved health by providing them opportunities to work at their organic garden, an organic farming training project, producing arts and crafts and working in the restaurant itself.

We enjoyed some really great food at Milas and there is an incredible range of drinks of offer too.  The bandrek here was superb as were the smoothies….I tried the avocado and chocolate one!  Just be warned the menu is so large and appealing you may find it difficult choosing something so try and leave time for a second visit or go as a group and share a few dishes!  Anything tempe is fantastic and the gado-gado here is apparently very good.


akbar/refresh! said...

very nice review ... and made ​​me so hungry and eager to taste, gado gado is my favourite javanesse food and also tempe ;)

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