Saturday, 20 November 2010

Review: Sobre las Olas, Cahuita, Costa Rica

Cahuita is a small beach town on the carribean coast of Costa Rica.  It is the perfect place to relax for a few days.  It has a small town with plenty of restaurants and bars to keep you busy for a few days along with a couple of beaches and access to a national park.

If you have spent time on the pacific side or in the central area of Costa Rica you will notice a drastic difference when travelling to the carribean side.  So noticeable you might even think it is a different country.  The people are more afro-carribean for starters, but the difference in standard of living is the most striking difference.

We enjoyed one of our first post-Raleigh meals out in Cahuita at a small seafood restaurant ran by an
Italian man.  The restaurant has a really nice feel to it with big floor to ceiling windows and an outside seating area overlooking the beach.  The staff were very friendly and helpful and they handled a large table of customers well!

We ordered the bruschetta for starters which was gorgeous and fresh, with lovely basil leaves on top.  That was quickly polished off and so we enjoyed our wine whilst waiting for the main dishes.

I ordered the ‘filete de pescado de la caribene’ – carribean style snapper fish and James ordered a steak.

The plates came out with sides of rice, chips and salad.  They were large portions and were very tasty!  The carribean fish was delicious.  The sauce was not what I was expecting, it was creamy with onions, peppers, cheese and a wine flavour.  The fish was perfectly cooked, falling off the bone.  James’s steak was also perfectly cooked and in a beautiful mushroom pepper sauce.  We were not going to order a dessert….however a few others had ordered the chocolate cake and icecream and it looked amazing so we decided to order one between us.  This was our only mistake of the evening!  The cake was really dry - we were disappointed, considering how good the rest of the meal had been, but didn’t let it ruin the memory and taste of the first two courses.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Cahuita.  The prices are not budget but the food is fresh and delicious, and the setting lovely.

My fish main cost 8250 whilst James’ filet minon cost 8000 colones (roughly 4 - 5 dollars).


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