Thursday, 4 November 2010

Cooking lessons with Elizabeth

As promised in my previous post ‘Living, eating, breathing, rural Nicaragua’ here you will find links to a series of recipes I picked up from my first host mum in La Naranja de Tiacan, Elizabeth.  

She was the most loving, fun and creative lady who loved hosting the Raleigh International groups and was passionate about food.  It was amazing to witness the methods and implements used in her fantastic kitchen!  The recipes always fed hundreds…please bare this in mind!  Also please note that Elizabeth does not cook from strict recipes so the recipes are the first attempt at 'documenting' them!  (therefore amounts may need to be played with!)  I hope you have fun trying to recreate some of Elizabeth’s wonders!

Cooking lesson 3: Elizabeth’s Donuts (possibly the best in the world!)


Anthony Shapland said...

Brilliant! Definately going to have to try some of these out at uni =] I miss Alpha 6 :( Hope you're having an amazing time! =]


Catherine Feltham said...

thanks ant - good luck with the recipes and hope ur having fun at uni. Alpha 6 were ace!

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