Saturday, 14 May 2011

Review: Casa Luna, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

We arrived in Sanur, Bali after spending a few days on Lombok and met up with James’ parents.  Sanur is a fairly small beach town with mainly up market hotels and resorts on offer.  The nice thing about Sanur is that it is not as crowded and expensive as down on the southern peninsula and there are not hawker’s every minute trying to sell you every type of water activity or tour going!  However, there is still a fair amount of tourism and so taxi driver’s are always around ready to take you around the island at your will!

Due to the touristy/resort nature of Bali I think it is harder to make decisions on where to eat at it can be very hit and miss in places like this.  We luckily stumbled upon the Casa Luna on one of our first evenings out in Sanur and we were all very pleased with the results.  The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and there is usually a band playing (sometimes better than others!) so maybe linger for a few moments to ensure you can cope with the music whilst eating!

Casa Luna makes it very easy for a group of people with different tastes to eat in as it serves traditional food as well as some more western offerings.  It also makes sampling Balinese delicacy’s such as Babi Guling and Bebek Betutu accessible of which we sampled both in the Casa Luna.  Although it is not the raw experience of eating in a small local restaurant specialising in just the suckling pig they do a great job with the dish and it is served beautifully.  You usually need to give 24 hours notice to the restaurant for this dish and it easily serves two people so remember these details if you have your heart set on the dish.  The variety of pork on the dish is amazing and each with such a different flavour and texture.  We devoured the mouth watering platter and definitely could have repeated this another evening!

In addition to these two delicious meat dishes we also sampled nasi goring, sesame chicken, fish and some soups here and all were superb.  With friendly staff and reasonable prices you cant ask for much more.


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All looks good and well presented laraine

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