Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Review: Ketapang Café and home stay, Kuta, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia!

From the Gili Islands we moved on to Lombok.  Taking a boat from the Gili’s to Lombok is about 30 minutes and is an easy trip.  It was quite fun taking the local taxi boat with the locals who were keen to engage in conversation with us about all sorts!

After arriving into Bangsal port we took a taxi round the coast road to Sengiggi.  The drive was breathtaking and we loved every second of listening to the reggae, feeling the fresh breeze on our faces and watching the mesmorising scenery pass us by.  We stayed just one night at the Windy Cottages just outside Sengiggi before moving on the next day to the south of the island – Kuta.

If you decide to go to Kuta, Lombok then just note that there are no atm’s so you must ensure you have enough money to last your time.  The nearest is about one hour away in Praya town so it’s a bit of a

Kuta is really charming, you can see it’s a place where tourism is going to rise, especially with the completion of Lombok’s own international airport which locals will love to chat with you about.  Right now though Kuta is simply one road along bay front with many guesthouses and small bars and restaurants.  To get around this area it is essential to hire a moped or motorbike which is very cheap and easy to do.  From here you can explore the south coast and its bays and surfing beaches.

We had a really magical moment whilst staying in Kuta, we had a big rainstorm just as we were heading to the sea for a swim so we decided we may as well continue as we were wet anyway, and within a few minutes we heard hundreds of screams and from all directions children were running towards the water with big smiles from cheek to cheek!  They were a little surprised to find us there but so excited and we had lots of introductions and questions as well as splashes in the water!  It was a really lovely moment and one I will remember forever.

Later that day we took a walk to find some food and came across a small bar called the Ketapang Café and homestay with a very friendly owner.  We enjoyed a few Bintang beers here before ordering the most delicious food.  I tried the Pepes Ikan and James had the Ayam Taliwang.  The fish (Pepes Ikan) was really spectacular with amazing flavours it was perfectly cooked and very healthy and satisfying. The chicken was also very tasty and we both were happy with our choices.  A cute bar, with a cozy feel this is a great spot to sit and enjoy the sunset and some drinks and dinner.


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