Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Review: La Mansarda, Alajuela, Costa Rica

During our time in Alajuela we stayed in a small, quiet hostel ran by a local man who was really friendly and helpful.  It was fun speaking Spanish with him and he was a good source of local knowledge.  He recommended La Mansarda to us as a decent local place to eat, with good prices.

On arrival we were given a complimentary cocktail (we showed the card from the hostel) and we ordered two casados.  This was a brilliant recommendation as it was a fantastic casado.  I particularly liked the addition of the jacket potato – a first for us on a casado, but really tasty and reminded us of home!  I had pork and despite it always tasting fabulous I was still amazed at how well cooked and tender the meat was.

Again, this place was popular with the locals and had really friendly staff and a nice feel.  You probably wouldn’t really notice it walking past so people go there deliberately – another good sign I think!


Anonymous said...

looks good,very nice plates of food laraine

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