Sunday, 19 December 2010

Review: Café Mundo, San Jose, Costa Rica

James and I had one last evening in Costa Rica before we were due to fly to Ecuador and so we headed to a restaurant just around the corner from our hostel that had come recommended.  It is a beautiful restaurant and we actually walked past it at first as it looks like someone’s house.  It has a beautiful garden and outdoor seated area and is popular with the locals as well as (it seemed ex-pats).  We were a bit concerned that we looked a bit scruffy but our friendly waiter showed us to a table without a second glance!

I had a really good, crisp glass of sauvignon blanc here and we were given a plate full of fresh, homemade breads while we looked at the menu.  The breads were delicious!  There was a sun-dried tomato, olive and wholemeal bread which were perfect in flavour and texture.  (Good bread seems to be rare in this part of the world so when we find it we get very excited!)

My starter was an avocado filled with tuna and crisp vegetables like celery, pepper, spring onion etc.  It was really scrumptious!  I could have had more and had it as my main dish it was so fresh and healthy tasting.  Avocados are fairly expensive to buy in Costa Rica and Nicaragua so I had been craving them for a while.  James ordered the bruschetta which was also very tasty although not the best we’ve had.

For main we ordered a creamy ravioli pasta with bacon and a bolognaise pizza.  They were both very tasty but perhaps a little too rich.  We did not finish either portion due to this factor.  Bolognaise pizza was new to me and I did really like it although the sauce had made the base slightly soggy.

All in all, a great restaurant for a special occasion.


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Delicious place

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