Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Review: Café Delicias, Alajuela, Costa Rica

After our final splash out meal at Café Mundo we were unsuccessful in leaving Costa Rica!  Our flight to Quito, Ecuador was cancelled due to the airport being closed and riots occurring in Quito.  After spending a fair portion of the day in the airport and being no clearer on when we could fly we decided to stay in Alajuela – the suburb of San Jose just next to the airport.  It is actually much nicer than staying in San Jose itself and I would recommend staying there.

We spent a fair amount of time over the next couple of days in the café decilicias where there was free wi-fi so that we could arrange our travel plans.  It also happened to be quite a good café, as was obvious by its popularity with the locals.  There were lots of groups of young women meeting up for drinks after work, or for lunch as well as families and younger people so the atmosphere was always buzzing.  The staff were very friendly and didn’t hassle us to get ordering despite the amount of time we spent there!

As you can see from the pictures we had many tasty wraps/sandwiches here with all fresh ingredients.  Also – they claimed to have the ‘world’s best coffee’ – it was pretty good but I think that’s quite a claim!

A great day time, friendly café to sit and read a paper, catch up on emails and grab a bite to eat.


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all looks good,enjoying all your food blogs laraine

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