Sunday, 13 February 2011

Review: ‘raw chicken café’ – Zumbahua, (part of the Quilotoa loop) Ecuador


After spending an evening in Latacunga we departed for a road trip around the famous ‘Quilotoa loop’ which is a round route starting about 95 km south of Quito through small villages, past the Quilotoa volcano crater lake and stunning, changing scenary.  Many people take as long as 2 weeks around the loop and hike it, but we were limited with time so drove the route, stopping at various places to have a look, eat and a bit of walking.

On day one, we stopped for lunch in the small village of Zumbahua.  This village is really small and cute and has a lively central square where locals congregate.  We stopped at the main square and selected a local café at the top corner of the square which was full with locals.  I don’t have the name of the café, but as you can see by the title of this piece, I have nicknamed it ‘raw chicken café’!  This is due to the crates of raw, dead chickens sat beside us as we ordered our food - the almuerzo!  I have to admit I was a little put off but the food that came out was really really tasty and at least the chicken was fresh!

We attracted attention being sat in this café, and on the way out I tripped on my flip flop hurting my ankle.  The owner of the café ran out and demanded I take a seat whilst she proceeded to ‘treat’ my foot!  She massaged and rubbed muscle rub into it for me and was very sweet!  It was also amusing that when I left she suddenly demanded $5 for her work!  I was happy to give it to her and this café has certainly remained in my memory!

In conclusion if you end up in this village look out for this café at the top right hand corner of the square, the food quality and price is there, and you will have an experience eating amongst the locals.


Anonymous said...

Most impressed by the results,after the crates of raw chicken.I think it would have put me off laraine

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