Sunday, 13 February 2011

Review: Cloud Forest Hostel, Chugchilan, (part of the Quilatoa loop) Ecuador

Whilst driving the ‘Quilatoa loop’ we stayed overnight in Chugchilan at the Cloud Forest Hostel.  We were one group of 3 guests staying there…it being off season so we had our pick of the rooms!  It’s a great little find and the staff are really helpful and friendly.

Your food is included in the very reasonable $10/15 a night and we were even more pleased when we were served a 3 course evening meal!  Not only was there a lot of food but it was lovely home cooked healthy and yummy food.  Our starter was an amazing soup, followed by fresh salad and vegetables, rice and really great fishcakes.  The desert was a freshly baked biscuit from the cabinet we had spotted earlier!  We also selected some nice wine and after dinner drank the wine, ate many more of the fresh biscuits and played cards.  Meanwhile the place livened up with locals from the village visiting, playing music and chatting away.  It was a really nice atmosphere and place to relax and prepare for our morning walk and afternoon drive.

The next morning we were given a breakfast which was also included and after our walk we decided to buy another bowl of soup and the remainder of the biscuits for the drive!


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Looks good a great find. laraine

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