Saturday, 12 February 2011

Review: Marisqueria – Latacunga, Ecuador

After a day of driving through the stunning scenary of the southern highlands of Ecuador from Cuenca, we arrived in Latacunga in the central highlands region in time for dinner.  We had read that there were many good chugchurra restaurants, however, most had already closed so we stumbled across a small restaurant with a grill outside which smelt really good and decided to go for it.

It was a very simple restaurant, no menus, simply pork or beef, with potatoes or rice.  This made things easy!  I went for pork as I have found the pork to always be really tasty in this area of the world.  Being able to watch your meat being grilled and smell the aroma’s of the meat is quite special I always think, however when you are really hungry it makes the hunger even stronger!

When the plate arrived it looked great.  It was the first time since leaving the UK that I remember being given boiled potatoes with a meal which was quite nice!  There was also a corn on the cob – also the first since leaving the UK, which is strange in a region where corn is so prevalent!  It was a nice change to have it served in this manner though.  The onion/tomato salad was a tasty condiment/accompaniment to the pork and in addition the meal came with a sausage which was really tasty.  The meal with an orange juice came to a whopping $3 – you cant really beat that!  My friends all chose the beef which 2 of the 3 said was a bit fatty, however, they still really enjoyed, so this place gets a thumbs up from us!  Not only did it have great, cheap food but we also got to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary whilst we ate!!


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sounds good with a film thrown in laraine

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