Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Food Glossary: Malanga

Malanga, another amazing discovery in Nicaragua!  If you google this vegetable/root/corm you will discover a multiude of names and varieties!  I have tried to simplify it here as it didn’t all mean much to me!  This white, creamy potato/yukka like plant has purple lines running through it and is cooked in a variety of ways, baked, fried, boiled, stewed.  It is earthy in flavour, some even describe it as nutty.  It is a tuber, in the arum family, and along with being eaten in its common form it can also be formed into a paste and used to make a flour (which apparently is a great hypoallergenic alternative due to the starch particles being small.) Malanga are extremely nutritional as they are underground stems rather than roots, and I think they are DELICIOUS!


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