Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Food Glossary: Gallo Pinto

Hmmmmmm!  How did I live without gallo pinto before going to Nicaragua?!  The mix is simply rice with beans (arroz con frijoles) and it is the national dish in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  I personally prefer Nicaraguan pinto (its more commonly made with red beans whereas Costa Rican pinto is usually made with black beans).  Also Nicaraguans tend to use the juice from the beans to make the gallo pinto more ‘saucy’ whilst the costa Rican pinto is drier.  Gallo pinto can be found any time of day – especially at breakfast with eggs or tomatoes or cuajada cheese.  It can be plain or have onion, peppers and coriander added for extra flavour.  The name gallo pinto means ‘speckled rooster’ which comes from the look of the dish with the colours mixed together. 


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