Friday, 4 June 2010

Review: Bills in Brighton – the ‘last lunch’

Welcome to my first entry on the new born ‘globe troffer’ blog!  I have set this up as I thought using my passion for food would be an interesting way of remembering and sharing my travels with others.  I love how through food you can learn about other cultures, not only through the different styles and ingredients but also through the social element to cooking and eating with others.  I hope you enjoy this blog and that I can bring to life some of the experiences and flavours from around the globe!

Today I visited ‘Bills’ in Brighton for lunch in between last minute shopping for my upcoming trip to Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  I will be working for Raleigh International until September 2010 on an expedition so the food will either be cooked by local host families or by ourselves over a camp stove!  So James and I decided to have a good lunch before we head off on Saturday morning!

Bills is quite a trendy ‘market’ style cafĂ© which currently has two sites – one in Lewes and the other in Brighton centre not far from the popular Brighton Lanes.  I first visited earlier this year with my friend Rebecca who said I would love it and she was right!  This place is always pretty busy and often boasts queues out of the door, which is usually a good sign.  A fun, food-loving atmosphere is created by combining friendly and enthusiastic staff, fresh and unique food products for sale and a great little menu including fresh juices, and interesting combinations for breakfast and lunch.

After much deliberation I decided to go for the smoked haddock, prawn and leek pie with cheddar mash crust and the house salad along with a carrot, orange and ginger juice and James opted for the classic all day breakfast and a cool elderflower juice.  The food came promptly and presentation was so beautiful!  I think it’s the best presented all day breakfast I’ve ever seen! 

As you can see by the pictures below I’m not yet in the habit of remembering to take pictures of the food before I start to eat!  So you can see our meals as progress was being made!  First for the pie and salad, both were scrummy yummy!  The salad was a really great combination and had really interesting flavours with a good kick coming from the parsley and the harissa and cous cous.  The pie, hmmmmm! - Perfect mash with beautiful chunky bits of fish inside.  The meal was so tasty and just the right amount to fill you and also felt fairly healthy and light.  The juice I chose definitely tasted healthy!  Maybe a little too much on the carrot but the amount of ginger was good as left a bit of a kick afterwards.

Reports from James on the breakfast were just as scrumptious, although his only complaint was that the bacon was overcooked!  Highlight of the meal was the spicy sausage and the amazing presentation.  The elderflower drink was served with a gooseberry and some grapes in the glass which definitely added something to the flavour.

Despite us both feeling quite full we couldn’t resist sharing a fruit pavlova, and I’m sure you can understand why when you see the picture below!  The cream was heavenly and the fruit so fresh and full of flavour.  The meringue base was slightly stodgy and thick for our liking but the lighter, crisp end made up for it.

So in summary Bills definitely gets the thumbs up and recommendation from us!  It has an upbeat, vibrant feel, great music, food and drinks and really lovely staff.  

I took some time to ask our waitress what she loved about Bills and she smiled and said ‘so many things, I love the atmosphere, the market place feel and all the fresh ingredients that are used to make the food.’  


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